Crisis Management Seminars

In addition to standard NationLab seminars in five countries and the Inter-American Defense College, the NationLab team also facilitates two-day Crisis Management Seminars that are individually designed to address particular concerns of the host country.

Smallpox overwhelms metropolitan Asunción in this dynamic simulation of an epidemic (day 50) in Paraguay. Population density is shown in blue, smallpox prevelance in red.

Since 2004, annual Crisis Management Seminars have been conducted at the following institutions:

Each seminar entails a day of lectures and discussion on methods and procedures, followed by a one-day role-playing exercise. The seminars focus on interagency communication and coordination by the host nation's National Security Council. Seminar participants fill all key roles in the National Security Council, including the president and vice president, all cabinet ministries, heads of selected additional departments, and international institutions.

From 2004 through 2007, the scenario used in these seminars began with a bioterror attack on Miami. This attack scattered smallpox spores over the South Beach area, which infected several vacationing Latin American families. Before they showed symptoms of the disease, before they were even aware that an attack has occurred, these families returned home to their country.

The practical exercise begins with the receipt of an urgent message from the United States Centers for Disease Control, conveyed through diplomatic channels, indicating that an unknown number of returning tourists are thought to have been infected. From the point of view of the exercise participants, the primary challenge is to mobilize an immediate and effective public health and public security response to the developing situation, which is characterized by widespread panic in major cities, a scarcity of vaccine, and a lack of assistance from abroad as other countries focus on their own citizens' panic and disorder.

Cabinet-Level Crisis Management

The NationLab team also offers discrete high-level Crisis Management Seminars for the leadership (President, Cabinet, National Security Council, Congress) of any Latin American country. In contrast to the ordinary seminars described above, these are practical exercises dealing with acute problems that the nation is likely to face in the near future. Due to its extensive experience and expertise, the NationLab team can rapidly design and execute a high-level Crisis Management Seminar and Exercise, complete with dynamic simulation support, with an absolute minimum of preparation time. For further information, please contact us using the link provided below.

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