Executive Summary

NationLab has been developed and refined for nine years in annual role-playing seminars in the highest national strategic schools of the Western Hemisphere.
Participants play the key roles of government and opposition of a real country, including radical groups, organized crime, and international institutions.
Each day of the exercise encompasses one complete cycle of policy formation and execution, corresponding to one to five years of real time.
The exercise is driven by the decisions and actions of all the players, rather than by a script or event list.
The socio-economic effects of all actions taken in each decision cycle are determined by an adjudication seminar, supported by a state-of-the-art computer simulation model.
The consequences of the each days’ decisions and actions, good or bad, determine the conditions faced by the players in all succeeding days of the exercise.
Participants are challenged to exert leadership and to accomplish reform despite political opposition, serious economic constraints, and institutional weakness.

Adjudication Seminar, NationLab Bolivia 2004

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